The GED® is one of three high-school equivalency exams officially recognized by the California Department of Education. Our GED® Test Preparation Online Course is for adults who have not graduated from high-school and wish to prepare for the GED® American high-school equivalency exam.

You can learn more about the national GED® High-School Equivalency Test by visiting the official California Department of Education High-School Equivalency Tests website as well as the official website of the GED® test publisher.

Our GED® High-School Equivalency Test Preparation Online Course helps prepare a variety of students:
1. Adult students in the United States who have not graduated high-school and need to learn, practice, and improve English, Math, Science, and Social Studies skills in order to take and pass the national GED® High School Equivalency Test.
2. American high school and college students who need to learn, improve, and review their academic English, Math, Science, and Social Studies skills.
3. Prospective immigrants to the United States of America who wish to improve their English language and academic skills, as well as take and successfully complete the GED® High-School Equivalency Test.
4. International English Learners who wish to improve their academic skills in the English language for college or career preparation.
5. International English Learners who are prospective students of an American university and who need to raise their English and academic skills to college academic level.

We offer several options for students who wish to take this course:
1. Take the complete online course as part of a customized educational program to improve knowledge as well as English skills. To create a customized individual learning plan, simply schedule a low-cost 30-minute Educational Consulting online appointment.
2. Take the complete online course over a period of 4-weeks, 8-weeks, 12-weeks, 16-weeks, or 20-weeks.

The individual course sections of our GED® High-School Test Preparation Online Course include:

1. GED 2014 Reasoning through Language Arts 1
2. GED 2014 Reasoning through Language Arts 2
3. GED 2014 Reasoning through Language Arts 3
4. GED 2014 Mathematical Reasoning 1
5. GED 2014 Mathematical Reasoning 2
6. GED 2014 Mathematical Reasoning 3
7. GED 2014 Mathematical Reasoning 4
8. GED 2014 Science 1
9. GED 2014 Science 2
10.GED 2014 Science 3
11.GED 2014 Science 4
12.GED 2014 Science 5
13.GED 2014 Social Studies 1
14.GED 2014 Social Studies 2
15.GED 2014 Social Studies 3
16.GED 2014 Social Studies 4
17.GED 2014 Social Studies 5
18.GED 2014 Social Studies 6

Here is an introductory video that offers a general introduction to the format of our online courses:

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Disclaimer: The official GED® Test is copyright © and provided by GED Testing Service (GEDTS®). We are not connected in any way with the GED Testing Service (GEDTS®).