Our American Career Explorations Online Course prepares students to make informed decisions about their future academic and occupational goals. Students learn how to assess their own skills and interests, explore industry clusters and pathways, and develop plans for career and academic development.

The highly-engaging and motivational American Career Explorations Online Course consists of:
— direct-instruction videos for each unit
— an interactive personal skills and interest survey that motivates and enables individuals to identify careers and areas of interest
— multimedia slideshows of different careers
— instructor audio for each lesson
— video-based research assignments
— career facts shared by professionals

American Career Explorations Online Course Units of Study:
1. Career Clusters
2. Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Careers
3. Architecture and Construction Careers
4. Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communication Careers
5. Business, Management, and Administration Careers
6. Education and Training Careers
7. Energy Careers
8. Finance Careers
9. Government and Public Administration Careers
10. Health Science Careers
11. Hospitality and Tourism Careers
12. Human Services Careers
13. Information Technology Careers
14. Law, Public Safety, and Security Careers
15. Manufacturing Careers
16. Marketing, Sales, and Service Careers
17. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Careers
18. Transportation and Logistics Careers
19. Career Research and Planning

Our American Career Explorations Online Course helps prepare a variety of students:
1. United States residents and citizens who seek inspiration and wish to make an informed career decision by learning about the key career fields that are available in the United States of America.
2. Prospective immigrants to the United States of America who wish to research and make informed decisions about American career opportunities and career training, as well as improve their reading and listening skills in the English language.
3. International English Learners who wish to improve their Business English listening and reading skills, as well as research career information in order to make informed decisions towards career preparation.
4. International English Learners who are prospective students of an American university and who need to raise their English listening and reading skills as well as learn more about career opportunities in the United States of America.

We offer several options for students who wish to take this course:
1. Take the complete online course as part of a customized educational program to improve knowledge as well as English skills. To create a customized individual learning plan, simply schedule a low-cost 30-minute Educational Consulting online appointment.
2. Take the complete online course over a period of 4-weeks, 8-weeks, 12-weeks, 16-weeks, or 20-weeks.
Here is an introductory video that offers a general introduction to the format of our online courses:

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