Our COMPASS® Test Preparation Online Course offers online preparation for COMPASS®, a set of college-placement online assessments used by numerous American colleges and technical schools that measure a new student’s academic skills and knowledge in: math, English reading, English writing skills, English essay writing skills, as well as English as a Second Language skills (for students who learned a language other than English as a primary language.) It is important to have high-scores on the COMPASS® test because it measures your academic English and math skills and knowledge. If you earn low scores on this test, you will be automatically placed in 1, 2, 3, or more remediation courses in both English and Math, before you are allowed to enroll in regular technical or college courses. This means that if you have low academic English and math skills when you first enroll and are admitted into an American college or technical school, you will have to spend a lot of time and money to improve your basic academic skills before you can take the necessary coursework that applies towards completion of your college or technical school certificate or degree.
You can learn more about the official COMPASS® test by visiting the official COMPASS® website.

Our COMPASS® Test Preparation Online Course helps prepare a variety of students:
1. Adult students in the United States who have graduated high-school or successfully completed a high-school equivalency exam and who wish to attend a college or technical school by reviewing and improving their academic knowledge and skills in English and math.
2. Prospective immigrants to the United States of America who wish to improve their English language and math academic skills, who wish to attend an American college or technical school.
3. International English Learners who wish to improve their academic skills in the English language for college or career preparation.
4. International English Learners who are prospective students of an American university and who need to raise their English and academic skills to college academic level.

We offer several options for students who wish to take this course:
1. Take the complete online course as part of a customized educational program to improve knowledge as well as English skills. To create a customized individual learning plan, simply schedule a low-cost 30-minute Educational Consulting online appointment.
2. Take the complete online course over a period of 4-weeks, 8-weeks, 12-weeks, 16-weeks, or 20-weeks.
The individual course sections of our COMPASS® Test Preparation Online Course include:

1. COMPASS Reading
2. COMPASS Reading-Humanities: Literary Nonfiction and Poetry
3. COMPASS Reading-Natural Science
4. COMPASS Reading-Practical Reading
5. COMPASS Reading-Prose Fiction
6. COMPASS Reading-Social Science
7. COMPASS Reading-Vocabulary Skills
8. COMPASS-Writing
9. COMPASS-Writing-Persuasive Essays
10. COMPASS-Writing-Rhetorical Skills
11. COMPASS-Writing-Usage and Mechanics
12. COMPASS-Math
13. COMPASS-Math-Algebra
14. COMPASS-Math-College Algebra
15. COMPASS-Math-Geometry
16. COMPASS-Math-Numerical Skills/Pre-Algebra
17. COMPASS-Math-Trigonometry

Here is an introductory video that offers a general introduction to the format of our online courses:

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Disclaimer: The official COMPASS® Test is copyright and provided by ACT Inc. . We are not connected in any way with ACT Inc. .