Our SAT® College Admissions Exam Online Test Preparation Course offers high-quality accelerated online preparation for high school students who wish to prepare for the SAT® college admission exam, which is used by a majority of 4-year American colleges. According to the makers of the SAT®, more than 2,000,000 students take this college admissions exam each year, and share their scores with American colleges and universities they apply to. The SAT® College Admissions Exam helps American colleges and universities identify prospective students who have high academic skills and are ready to study and succeed in the academically rigorous college learning environment. It is based on a student’s high-school courses taken and grades earned, SAT® scores, academic and professional promise, and level of financial need, that American colleges and universities decide upon admission status and amount of tuition costs that will be paid. It is important for a prospective student to have high-scores on the SAT® College Admissions Exam because it measures college-level critical reading and writing, as well as math skills and knowledge. Students who have low scores on the SAT® College Admissions Exam, as well as a low grade-point average and lack advanced courses completed in high school have a very low chance of being admitted into a quality American college or university. More encouragingly, students who have a high grade-point average and have completed advanced courses successfully in high school as well as earned high scores on the SAT® College Admissions Exam are very likely to be admitted into a quality American college or university of their choice. 🙂 Also, students are encouraged to take the SAT® College Admissions Exam several times and share the highest scores with all the colleges/universities they apply to for improved chances for admission.
You can learn more about the official SAT® College Admissions Exam by visiting the official SAT® website.

SAT® College Admissions Exam Online Test Preparation Course helps prepare a variety of students:
1. High school students in the United States and other countries who are currently attending high-school or successfully completed high-school and who wish to be better academically prepared and perform well on the SAT® College Admissions Exam.
2. Prospective immigrants to the United States of America who wish to improve their college-level English language and math academic and critical thinking and communication skills, who wish to attend an American college or university.
3. International English Learners who wish to improve their academic and critical reading and writing skills in the English language for college or university preparation.
4. International English Learners who are prospective students of an American university and who need to raise their English and academic skills to college academic level.

We offer several options for students who wish to take this course:
1. Take the complete online course as part of a customized educational program to improve knowledge as well as English skills. To create a customized individual learning plan, simply schedule a low-cost 30-minute Educational Consulting online appointment.
2. Take the complete online course over a period of 4-weeks, 8-weeks, 12-weeks, 16-weeks, or 20-weeks.

The individual course sections of our SAT® Test Preparation Online Course include:

1. SAT Critical Reading I
2. SAT Critical Reading II
3. SAT Critical Writing I
4. SAT Mathematics I
5. SAT Mathematics II
6. SAT Mathematics III

Here is an introductory video that offers a general introduction to the format of our online courses:

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Disclaimer: The official SAT® College Admissions Exam is copyright and provided by The College Board. We are not connected in any way with The College Board.