We believe in helping transform the internet into a collaborative medium that would lead to positive interactions among international web users.  Our topics-based conference rooms and chat-rooms make it possible for individuals, families, teachers, and schools, to interact online via text, audio, and video. Click on the hyperlinks below to access and learn more about each of our edu-social conference rooms / chat rooms:

E-Learning USA Mobile Chat Room

— ConversationPractice.com/mobile site makes chatting via smart-phones and tablets easy-to-do

E-Learning USA Audio-Video-Text Conference Rooms

— EduChat Friendship Chat Room – for meeting new people and making new friends.

— EduChat Students Chat Room – for students of all ages to meet, research, and collaborate together on various academic topics

— EduChat Teachers Chat Room – for teachers from all over the world who wish to interact and collaborate

— EduChat Faith Chat Room – where individuals can constructively discuss religions and faith-based topics and collaborate towards peace

— EduChat Tourism Chat Room – where travelers and tourism professionals can chat about travel destinations, promote tourism, and discuss the benefits of tourism around the world.