In addition to offering online courses and online English tutoring, we also offer educational consulting services to customers in the United States of America, as well as the rest of the world.

As a successful educator of nearly 20-years and former high-school, undergraduate, and graduate student in California, USA, who has moved to the United States from Romania in 1983, Mr. I.E. Sersea, M.A., M.A.T., the founder of E-Learning USA is a unique educational consultant specializing in:

— helping American families and students find motivation, succeed in school, and prepare for college and career
— helping educational institutions and organizations adopt blended and online educational solutions
— helping prospective and new USA immigrants adapt into American life as well as English and academic support
— helping English Learners access individualized support in learning English and improving academic skills
— helping prospective international students of American Universities improve English and academic skills to college-level

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